Military Families

Serenity is proud to be of service to the amazing people and families that make up our military.

It is so important to keep ourselves mentally and emotionally healthy so you can be the best you possible for your spouse, your children, and of course, the other service members in your life. Each therapist at Serenity is chosen for their specialty in helping people like you and the one you love with issues on communication, PTSD, addiction to substances, infidelity, and anger management, and other common issues found in the military lifestyle.

There is no need to put your life or your marriage on hold while you are here. Let us help you prioritize what you can do and help you reach those big and small goals that you have for yourself. By focusing on yourself and making changes in the here and now, you can not only reach your goals but also give your kids a sense of certainty and growth despite the changes they are confronted with.

At Serenity, we do not see spouses as dependents but as active equal partners in service to our country.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Some studies estimate that nearly 20% of US service members experience some kind of PTSD post-deployment. Symptoms can occur from direct or indirect trauma (witnessing or hearing about some event). Symptoms can range from a number of complaints from frequent: back, chest, and limb pain, headaches, nausea, and fatigue, increased anxiety, alcohol intake, irritability, and trouble sleeping and/or concentrating, and even personality changes like becoming paranoid, and socially withdrawing. Symptoms like these don’t normally just go away and need to be treated by a professional who understands PTSD and can offer the right kind of help. There are many treatments that have been proven to help reduce or even eliminate these symptoms. There is hope. Do not wait to get the help you and your loved one need, call us today!


Below are links to military service community calendars and websites with information on free events for military members and their families here in the great state of Hawaii.

“The Person Who Removes A Mountain Begins By Carrying Small Stones”